World News – AU – Dean Nalder and Zak Kirkup nominate themselves for Liberal leadership


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Dean Nalder and Zak Kirkup both raised their hands to be the next WA Liberal Party leader after Liza’s shock resignation, Harvey.

On Sunday morning, Harvey announced that she would be vacating the leadership role and admitting young talent to take the party to the state elections in March 2021. Harvey said she hopes to remain a member of the front bench of the Liberal team.

Dean Nalder, currently Shadow Treasurer and Shadow Minister for Energy, has announced that he will keep the leadership competition happy. 54-year-old Nalder entered parliament as Alfred Cove’s representative in the 2013 state elections. Prior to the 2017 election, his seat was abolished and he moved to Bateman’s seat, where he won the preselection over seated member Matt Taylor.

When former Liberal Leader Troy Buswell resigned from parliament in 2014, Nalder was named Transport Secretary and Treasury Secretary for the Barnett administration. He later resigned from the role of finance minister after they became concerned about his financial interests. As Minister of Transport, he was responsible for the government’s role outside of the MAX light rail network, a project that was eventually abandoned.

Nalder challenged Colin Barnett to liberal leadership in 2016 and resigned from his ministerial position. His challenge was unsuccessful. He is popular with corporate groups and is expected to stay in parliament after the elections as his constituency is seen as a safe seat.

Zak Kirkup is a member of Dawesville and entered Parliament in 2017. As a first-term MP, he quickly climbed the ranks and was named Shadow Health Secretary under Liza Harvey.

He dropped out of college to work as a researcher for Matt Birney when he was an opposition leader. He later worked as a political assistant for Federal Senator Judith Adams and was environmental advisor to former Prime Minister Colin Barnett. He had also spent time in the private sector.

Kirkup’s Dawesville headquarters has a margin of only 0. 7 and he won the 2017 election with just 343 votes. He was seen as one of the better-performing opponents and criticized Prime Minister Mark McGowan’s smear campaign against billionaire mining tycoon Clive Palmer.

Political commentators give Kirkup victory at Wednesday’s party meeting, noting that he is apparently backed by political heavyweights in the party. While winning the 2021 election may be an insurmountable task, many believe Kirkup has an opportunity to « save the furniture » and prevent the party from losing more seats.

Kirkup previously spoke out against the Safe Schools program, which aims to stop the bullying of LGBTI students in secondary education.

« I think it’s a radical social program agenda disguised as an anti-bullying campaign. It is a Trojan horse that actively isolates and exploits lesbian, bisexual and gay students in order to take an ideological stance, ”Kirkup told Mandurah Mail in 2016.

« Part of the ideological agenda of what I believe to be academic elites is to use language like » safe schools « to imply that a school is not safe if it doesn’t have one. « . It is unfortunate, but that is exactly how they are following what I believe to be a radical agenda. ”

When the McGowan administration came to power in 2017, the program was renamed Inclusive Education. In October 2020, the program funding was not renewed.

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World News – AU – Dean Nalder and Zak Kirkup nominate for Liberal leadership



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