World news – Two critical ones after a motorway accident


UPDATE 8.50 a.m.: The emergency helicopter has arrived in Dotswood after a serious crash on the Flinders Highway.

A man in his forties suffered a leg injury in the accident and is in stable condition in the hands of the Queensland Ambulance Service.

The Flinders Highway has been closed for an hour and a half and traffic is building up in both directions.

Earlier 8:15 am: Two people are critical after a truck and car accident on the Flinders Highway.

It is assumed that both the driver of the car and the passenger are in critical condition.

A grown man, the driver of the truck, has a leg injury and is in stable condition.

INITIAL 7.15 am: Emergency services are affected by a serious traffic accident between a truck and a car on the Flinders Highway between Townsville and Charters Towers.

Paramedics received the call of the crash around 7am after reports of a truck and car accident in Dotswood.


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Two critical after a motorway accident