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A series of streets and laneways in Sydney's CBD will be closed to traffic while main streets will have roadside parking spaces converted into al fresco dining spots under a plan to save the city's hospitality industry.
Chinese jets have buzzed Taiwan, the island's defence ministry says, in an escalation of tensions while a senior US official holds talks in Taipei.
US officials say the ban on the popular apps, used by some 100 million users, is "to combat China's malicious collection of American citizens' personal data".
The human rights lawyer said she was "dismayed" by the government's own admission that its Brexit-related legislation would be breaking international law.
The Australian lawyer representing Julian Assange has told his extradition hearing the Trump Administration offered the Australian a pardon over the WikiLeaks publications.
During my time on the campaign trail so far I've heard American voters use the same phrase over and over again: "the lesser of two evils".
Researchers say loss of 1.9m square kilometres of intact ecosystems will have ‘profound implications’ for biodiversity
The Qantas CEO's latest pay cheque has dived from the $24m he received in 2018 after the COVID-19 crisis virtually grounded the airline and pushed it to a $1.9 billion loss.
Scott Morrison and Angus Taylor have swooped in with plans that have managed to scare the power industry and the environmentalists at the same time.
Colleagues of the Russian opposition leader say that a bottle of water with a trace of the Novichok nerve agent was found in his hotel room.

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